Admitted Student Days


Event Merch + Signage


The Admitted Student Days event is a highly anticipated occasion at MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design), especially for young pre-college students who have recently been admitted to the college. For the first half of the promotional materials, a bright yellow and blue design direction was established by Clementine Sarteau when they were at Design Works. The goal was to create promotional items that would not only appeal to this demographic but also represent the college's brand and style.

Audience: Recently Admitted Students to MCAD / Young Pre-college Students

The merch items created for the event were a tote bag and a pencil pouch. Both items were designed to be practical and functional while also reflecting both the original design direction and keeping in line with MCAD’s brand. 

In addition to the merch items, event signage was also created to help guide students through the event. This included directional signs and informational posters, all designed to fit within the established design direction.