Great Streets Project

Freelance Project

Banner Design, Print
Formatting, Installation


In partnership with the Whittier Community and MCAD, I was contracted to design a 400-foot banner that would be hung on the old K Mart site in Minneapolis. The project highlighted the work of three separate artists to be displayed for the community (Isabel Gloss, Anita White, and Studio Thalo). Each artist took their own route in what they wanted to represent in their work, but the main thread between them all was highlighting community perspectives and voices. Anita White, one of the artists, stated that she wanted to "pay attention to the residents of the Whittier neighborhood and listen closely to their vision." The project overall served as a way to brighten up an area of the Whittier Community that needed it.

My main responsibility in this project was collaborating with the artists to design a composition for the banners that best represented their work. A mockup of the banner design on the fence was presented to the city. Once approved by the city, I prepared each file for printing and worked with a local printer to have them produced.

Audience: Whittier Community