MCAD Diploma Redesign




With the new rebrand that MCAD went through back in 2021, there also needed to be an update to the diplomas that students recieve. The goal of this project was to redesign the MCAD diplomas to better reflect the new MCAD brand and to create a more elevated and special presentation for recently graduated students. The previous versions of the diplomas were outdated and did not align with the new MCAD brand identity.

Audience: Recent College Graduates (BFA / MFA)

These diplomas are currently being printed and distributed  to each graduate every semester at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

To achieve the desired outcome, I focused on creating a diploma that was both elevated and special while also incorporating elements of the MCAD brand. The new design features an 8.5 x 11 inch embossed page that can be connected to a slightly larger gold or silver backing, dependent on the level of degree earned by the student. The subtleness of the embossed name of the school, the shiny foil, and the backing page come together to create a  visually appealing and recognizable piece that represents the student's hard work and achievements. 

Old Diploma Design