2022 Sabbatical
Group Exhibition

Design Works

Exhibition Identity


The 2022 Sabbatical was a group exhibition where faculty members showcased their work that they completed during their semester-long sabbatical. My task was to create a cohesive identity that would effectively represent the exhibition in all the digital and physical assets.

My design approach focused on creating a sleek, modern, and minimalistic black and white identity that would not compete with the artwork in the exhibition. The design utilized a cube shape that served as a container for imagery and filled the space between type. The cube shape was also used to create a visual language that was consistent throughout all the digital and physical assets.

Audience: MCAD Community

For the event support, I designed a title wall vinyl and informational signage that was strategically placed throughout the exhibition space. The title wall vinyl included the exhibition title, a list of the participating faculty members, and how long the exhibition was up for. The informational signage was designed to provide context and background information about each artist’s talk they would give to the MCAd community about their work on display. 

For the digital assets, I designed social media posts that effectively communicated the exhibition's identity. The social media posts included images of the work that was being displayed in the exhibition, along with the exhibition dates and location.