Personal Project

Card Game + Branding


(This project is still being produced)

Randomness can be beautiful. It allows for infinite possibilities and unpredictability. In a world where everything seems planned and controlled, randomness offers a refreshing break from the norm. It can lead to surprising and unexpected outcomes, which can be exciting and fascinating. 

It was with this single fascination that lead me down the path to create a game called STRY TLRS. 

Audience: Young Adults / Children


STRY TLRS is a simple game about tellling stories. It’s that easy. Kind of...

To play the game, you are tasked to utilize random cards from the deck to tell a story. But it’s not that simple... Each card displays a random letter and image combination. With them you are challenged to story that utilizes a word that starts with the letter displayed on the card along with the image displayed. You might have to use a few cards together or add onto other peoples stories, depending on what game mode you are playing. The beauty lies in the imagination and interpretation of the viewer. People are naturally inclined to find patterns and meaning in things, even when they may not exist. Thus, a single letter on an image can spark endless possibilities and tell a wide variety of stories.

The cards you play with in the deck were produced using code. When the code is loaded up with the selected images and fonts I want for the, we run it. The code goes through the alphabet about 4 times and choses a random image, a random letter, and a random font to display the letter in. These random combinations are then exported to create a deck of 50 front and back cards.

Themed decks also provide the opportuntiy to envoke certain types of stories to be told, or different audiences to play the game. Below there are 3 different themed decks that were generated and produced into prototypes 

The Stock Deck:  A broad themed deck with random imagery and plain fonts to tell a wide-veriety of stories.

The Kids Deck: A fun and playful themed deck with bright-colored cards and lively fonts meant for a younger audience to express thier imagination through telling stories. 

The Horror Deck: A scary-themed deck with eerie  looking images and off-kilter fonts that is meant for telling spooky stories late at night or around a campfire with your friends.