Unicef Rebrand

Course Project

Brand Identity


This project focused on re-branding a company or organization that I felt personally connected with to better align with the changing times of 2020. The task at hand was to evaluate their pre-existing brand and create a new logo, color scheme, tagline, typography, design assets, and photography treatment that better suited the changing times.

Course: Graphic Design 3 wtih Jan Jancourt

I chose to re-brand unicef, an organization that I have a personal connection to and one that I believe does
incredible work around the world. Given the uncertainty and challenges that the world was  facing at the beginning
of the 2020 pandemic, it was important to re-evaluate unicef's overall brand to ensure that it aligned with the current context. Through research and analysis, I determined that unicef's messaging should focus on working towards a brighter future for children and their communities, which could resonate with people during such an uncertain time.

This was an aspect that I felt like was lacking in their outfacing design elements. The position statement, and many other design elements in the new brand, were evaluated and refined to better align with the changing times and to communicate a sense of hope and optimism.

New Position Statement: 

unicef relentlessly works day in and day out
to deliver the essentials that give every child
an equitable chance for a brighter future.